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As a professional provider of various kinds of consumer electronics, WBATS, Philippines, has been basically established for computer repairs whether laptop or desktops and even servers of any brand. With its strong background in chip- level aerospace electronic control unit repairing, we have trained our service staff so they keep up with all of the latest trends in the computer industry.

who we are

WB Advance Technology Solutions, Philippines is a reliable supplier of computer parts and services to domestic and overseas buyers. As we havea range of superior quality products and high technology machines, we aim to provide certified service at all times. In addition, we have already gathered substantial industry knowledge of how to provide global clients with competitively priced products and Guaranteed Services. Established on April 30, 2012, WBATS was the First Computer Repair Laboratory in Lipa City. With its humble beginnings as a small repair station in town, WBATS is proud of its success as a fast-growing technology provider.


WBATS, being the first computer repair laboratory in Lipa City, Batangas, specializes and provides laptop, desktop and server repairs from old- fashioned to microchip-level set up. With state-of-the-art facilities and highly-skilled technicians, the following services are being offered to all computing devices, brands and models.

Electronics & Chip-level repairs

Hardware Service

Network Structures & Firewalls

Networking Service

Electrical Devices & Product Support

Security System

Data Recovery & Hardisk Drive Program Repair

Software Services

Engineering Services & Free area survey

Security System

Bios Update, Reprogram & Microcontroller Programming

Software Services

Laptop Motherboard repair

Hardware Service

Network Interfaces & Modems

Networking Services

Other Offers

Networking Services

Other Offers

Hardware Services

Other Offers

Software Services

Other Offers

Security System

We believe in relationships built based upon friendships and partnership. We endeavor to offer you significant value in every business transaction. WB Advance Technology Solutions does not only fix and provide, we Guaranty!


Computer Parts (Desktop)

1. Monitor2. Keyboard/Mouse3. Tower Casing4. Power Supply/AVR5. PCI Cards6. Processors/CPU7. Memory Modules8. Others

Computer Parts (Laptop)

1. Screen: LED / LCD2. Keyboard3. Battery4. AC Adapter5. Processors / CPU6. Graphics Processing Unit / GPU Chip7. Memory Modules8. All TYPES & KINDS OF ICs and CHIPS

Server Computers

We provide quotations for wide range of server computers depending on customer requirements. We carry brands like Dell, HP, IBM and all intel CPU supported models.

CCTV Parts & Accesories

1. Dome, Bullet, IP & PTZ Cameras2. Digital Video Recorder / DVR 3. Power & Networking Cables4. CCTV Testing Equipments5. Other accessories & peripherals

Finger Print Time Attendance

This security and digital surveillance equipment, systems find extensive usage in schools, colleges and offices for recording the attendance of students or staff members. Provides easy enrollment, fast clocking systems and easy to use management software.

Cleanroom & ESD Products

1. Antistatic Products2. ESD Cleanroom Equipment3. ESD Instrument4. Cleanroom Consummables5. Cleanroom Construction

We do not sell products and services, we sell QUALITY and VALUE.


TM Kalaw St. Brgy 3 Lipa City, Batangas


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Monday - Saturday: 9am - 6pm (GMT +8)